Thursday, June 4, 2009

These are pictures from my ordination service in October 2008. I am greatly moved and humbled by the powerful faith and testimonies of God's love and care by the members of Savoonga Presbyterian Church. In the picture above is one of our elders Reggie Wongittilin who plays the guitar and sings and Gertrude Toolie one of our deacons and song leaders. They both have written beautiful praise songs in Yupik and English and it is a blessing to have them sing during worship services and special events.
Above is another of our elders, Henry Noongwook with one of his grandchildren. He is also gifted at singing and participates in the traditional Yupik drumming and chant.

Reggie often shares from the Scriptures and from God's working in his life. Reggie is also a gifted carver of ivory tusks taken from the walrus that have been hunted around the island.

Russell Gologergen is another of our elders and active with the whaling and hunting crew of which he is a member.

Janet Noongwook is also an elder of our church who, with Gertrude Toolie and other women from the village were apart of a traveling song and comedy group who raised money for different causes in the village. She is a gifted seamstress of the traditional style of clothing on the island.

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