Friday, June 5, 2009

(These pictures were taken June 2008) Traveling around Savoonga is done by foot, ATV ("Honda" is what the locals call them), or snow machine.
This is the front entrance of the church with the church bell and the surrounding homes in the older section of the village. The snow covered mountains are in the distance.

This is the front of the church building (these pictures were taken June 2008) and you can see my wife Kami and our twin boys Owen and Logan on the boardwalks which are very helpful when the tundra is wet and swampy.

How you get to Savoonga is by one of the above planes which leaves daily out of Nome, AK. This is Pastor Jacob Meadows with sons Logan and Owen.

This is inside the sanctuary of Savoonga Presbyterian Church during my ordination service in October 2008.

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